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8 Seat Minibus Hire

Our 8 seat minibus comes in all shapes and models. They come in beautiful designs that dazzle each probing eye. To start with, the interior is elaborately designed and accessorized. The reclining seats are sufficiently spaced with enough leg-room. Entertainment packages have also been availed to make your ride enjoyable. What other extra features make 8 seater minibus hire worth your time?


We have been in business for more than a decade now. Over the years, we have established deep and wide network with extraordinary results. In Musselburgh, Dalkeith, Livingston, Leith and Blackford, our connections are deep and encouraging. These have brought in a new wealth of knowledge. We now understand your needs better and we have innovated new ways to meet your desires. Local Taxi Edinburgh minibuses are the safest and the most comfortable to use.


Our 8 seat minibus hire services are available and easily accessible any time and from any location. The booking process is simple because no technical knowledge is required to place an order. Our package is personalized. We offer door to door picks and drop offs even in the remotest areas of Edinburgh. For 24 hours each day, our 8 seat minibus is available to ferry your group to any location. No extra or hidden charges are attached to this customized service.


Our 8 sitter package is unbelievably pocket friendly. Compared to our competitors, our package is amazingly affordable. Our discounted group booking coupled with the huge resources at our disposal has allowed flexibility in tailoring service charges without any strain. For first-time clients, an extra discount offer is available. For repeat clients, extra incentives are offered too. The quality of our services is exceptionally high.

Room for Luggage

The trouble with public transport is its inherent inability to provide sufficient room for passengers and luggage. It is definitely a bad idea to transport fragile goods using this means. However, this situation can easily be resolved by hiring our 8 sitter package. Unlike the public bus, our minibus has enough room for you and your luggage. It can accommodate bulky luggage and a large number of passengers comfortably. It is thus possible for you and your group to do as much shopping with little limitation to space. Our minibus compartments are sufficient.

Local Taxi Edinburgh is committed to attend to your transport needs every time. Our 8 seater is always in tip top condition to facilitate undisrupted trip. Mechanical break downs, and any sort time consuming faults are rare, but when they do occur, our team of engineers are always available to give a quick remedy. Call us today and get bespoken eight seater minibus services in Edinburgh at affordable prices. Our customer care lines are always open no matter the time of the day.

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