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Our Drivers

Our drivers understand that their service should make the customer feel very special and valued. They know how to strike a balance between being professional and being helpful to the client. They have excellent driving skills and are well groomed. Their demonstrated high level of courtesy and professionalism earns them high level of trust with clients.

We have various clients and our drivers are sensitive to the different classes of people that they transport. The drivers are reliable and will always reach you at the time when you request them to pick you. To identify our drivers, they always have a badge with their name and identity details.


When clients hire our services, they include the time that they should reach their destination. Our drivers show up before the time that they are supposed to pick the client. They use the best route to get to your destination within the shortest time possible. Since they know all the routes in Cardiff and the sounding areas, they pick the best to avoid traffic.


Excellent customer care service is the heartbeat of our service at Local Taxi Cardiff. Our well trained drivers open the doors for our customers and they help them with their luggage. In case the customer is unwell or is incapable of alighting or boarding the car, the driver offer to help only if the customer is comfortable with the help. The drivers can also organise for wheelchairs.

Conversant With Roads

We train our drivers on how to read maps properly, and so if you are going to a new place, they will take you there. Since our divers have been on the roads of Cardiff and the surrounding areas, they understand every route properly. They can take you to any place in the area without getting lost. For people who want to have a good time in Cardiff but do not know where to start, our drivers provide great insights.  Their amazing knowledge of Cardiff makes every trip in the area enjoyable, straightforward and fast.

Quality Equipment

Our vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced but unfortunately, sometimes something unexpected happens like a tire burst.  Our drivers are very good in basic mechanics and will not leave you stranded when something like a tire burst happens. They also have a company phone; charging ports and their mobile phone so they can always connect to the office in case they need to reach out to our mechanics for extra help such as when the engine breaks down, but this rarely happens as our vehicles are serviced regularly to negate such incidences.


Our drivers understand that our clients’ life’s are in their hands when they drive them to any destination. They are therefore careful with traffic rules and they drive safely. Before the journey, they always remind the passengers to belt up in a polite way.

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